On the Prosperity gospel

Today I feature two videos on the prosperity gospel. The first documents the prosperity gospel in west Africa (specifically); the second contains a theological response to the prosperity gospel (generally).

(1) Here is a new Christianity Today video (9 minutes) documenting the prosperity gospel in Ghana [HT:JT]:

(2) Here is John Piper’s 11-minute video summary of concerns titled “Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel”:

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  1. my wife and I have actually been to a church in colorado, believers way, a church plant by copeland ministries and the sermon was this very text that john uses to argue FOR being prosperous. We stood up and left. I couldn’t believe it. We were on vacation, and thought the church would be fine to visit having no idea about copeland ministries UNTIL that sunday. Unbelievable. I hate this gospel it with all my being.

  2. Really glad to see people speaking out against the prosperity gospel. It might be great for the rolex company but it’s bad news for the kingdom.

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