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The Multidirectional Cross

Robert Peterson in his new book Salvation Accomplished by the Son: The Work of Christ (Crossway, 2011), page 301:

What is the place of the cross of Christ in this cosmic restoration? As was the case in the previous passages that we explored, the cross is front and center in reconciliation in Colossians 1 too. God was pleased “to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross” (v. 20). The cross, therefore, is multidirectional. Taking into account all of Scripture’s teaching, the cross is directed toward God himself (in propitiation); toward our enemies, including demons, to defeat them; toward men and women to redeem them; and toward the whole creation to deliver it from “its bondage to decay” and to bring it into “the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Rom. 8:21). Why will all of these things occur? Why will we be finally saved? Why will the Devil and evil angels not ruin the shalom of the new creation but instead be cast into the lake of fire? Why will there be a new heaven and a new earth? All of these questions have the same answer: because the Son of God died and rose again on the third day.

Birthday Book Giveaway #3 Winners

Thanks for all the comment entries this past week, and for all the kind and encouraging notes. I appreciate your kindness and your readership of this little blog. The giveaways were a success in my opinion, although my hope is that many more of you will win free books in the future and with that in mind I plan to do this more frequently.

For the Newton biography I received 48 entries. I listed and alphabetized the entries in Excel (by the first letter of the first name) and then went over to the random sequence generator. This time, numbers 35 and 41 were randomly chosen and those numbers represent two winners on the list:

  • Natalie
  • Ricky Alcantar

It’s always fun to see a friend win.

Congratulations, Natalie and Ricky! In the mail you’ll soon be receiving a copy of Jonathan Aitken’s excellent biography, John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace (Crossway, 2007).

The three giveaways this week we all made possible by our generous friends at Crossway Books. As a blogger I love working with their publicity department, as a reader I love reading their books, and as a writer I’m honored to have my first book coming out under the Crossway label.

Well congratulations to all the winners of the three giveaways. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (in both senses of the word), and happy birthday John Newton!!

Birthday Book Giveaway #3

Tomorrow marks the 286th birthday of John Newton, a blaspheming slave ship captain turned Christian, who would pastor for over 40 years, play a role in the abolition of the British slave trade, and of course author a little hymn we call “Amazing Grace.”

Newton’s life story is an amazing testimony of God’s grace from beginning to end and in my opinion there isn’t a better biography of that life than the one written in 2007 by Jonathan Aitken: John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace.

I highly recommend it.

This time I have 2 copies to give away to 2 random winners, all thanks to our generous friends at Crossway Books.

Here’s how to enter:

  • This time you can enter only through a comment on this post. Leave a brief comment here and that’s it, you’re entered!
  • Please include your email address in the form field on that comment (which will not be published).
  • Entries will be received until 5 pm EST tomorrow (Sun). Winning entries will be randomly selected and I’ll announce winners at that time.
  • The winning books can be shipped within the continental United States only.

Thanks for entering the contest!

And for an excellent introduction to Newton’s life and ministry, I highly recommend John Piper’s 90-minute biographical message which can be downloaded for free from the DG website here.

Birthday Book Giveaway #2 Winners

Over 130 entries were submitted in the J.I. Packer birthday book giveaway. Thanks for all your interest and for all the kind and encouraging comments on the blog.

This morning I gathered up the entries and these four winners were randomly drawn …

Carrie (blog comment)
Kevin Fiske (blog comment)
Timothy Bertolet (blog comment)
@zorbando (Re-tweet)


The four winners will get to choose one book from these options:

There’s still another chance for you to win. Details tomorrow.

Until then, thank you Crossway Books and happy birthday J.I. Packer!

Birthday Book Giveaway #2

Entertainers Andy Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, and Miles Davis entered the world in May and June of 1926. A few weeks later, on July 22, a boy was delivered in England and given the name James Innell Packer. We know him today simply as J.I. Packer, and tomorrow marks his 85th birthday. This birthday — and the many birthdays before it — give us a good reason to pause to thank God for this man’s faithful theological influence and for his many years of fruitful writing.

It seems fitting that we celebrate his birthday and his legacy by giving away a few of his books, all made possible by our generous friends at Crossway Books.

I have four Packer books to give away and now I need four randomly selected winners to give them to. Those four winners will each choose one free book from this list of options:

Here’s how to enter:

  • You can enter through Twitter. Just re-tweet this and you’re entered.
  • You can enter through a comment on this post. Leave a brief, or even a blank, comment (and please include your email address, which will not be published).
  • Entries will be received until 7 am EST tomorrow morning (Fri). Winning entries will be randomly selected and I’ll announce winners at that time.
  • The winning books can be shipped within the continental United States only. Sorry.
  • Canadian readers (one in particular), please keep your snarky comments to a minimum.

Thanks for entering the contest!

Speaking of his books, here’s a brief video of Packer describing his early days as the Lord was confirming his writing gift.

Birthday Book Giveaway #1 Winners

I received over 120 entries in the John Calvin birthday book giveaway. Thanks for all your interest and for all the kind and encouraging comments on the blog. The vast majority of your entries came through Twitter re-tweets (82).

I gathered up the entries and these four winners were randomly drawn this morning …


The four winners will receive a copy of With Calvin in the Theater of God: The Glory of Christ and Everyday Life (Crossway, 2010). Winners, I need your mailing addresses. Twitter winners: please DM me. Comment winners: you will receive an email from me.

Maybe you didn’t win this time, but you can still win free books. I’ll have a second book giveaway for you tomorrow (Thursday) and a third giveaway on Saturday, all thanks our very generous friends at Crossway Books.



Snakes in the Wilderness

From Russell Moore’s new book Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ (Crossway, 2011), page 191:

In my nightly Bible readings with my family, I read a selected narrative in the canon, but every night my children beg me to read “the one about the snake.” For some reason they love to hear about Moses combating the fiery serpents in the wilderness with the bronze serpent on the pole and about the afflicted finding healing when they look at the emblem of the very curse that’s killing them. My little boys don’t simply have a morbid fascination with venomous snakes among the wandering Israelites. In fact, they are never satisfied to end the story there.

They wait in silence until we turn to what they call “the other pole,” the picture of the cross of Christ. That’s when I tell them how mysteriously this seemingly helpless, executed man confronted the snake of Eden right there on “the other pole” and finally did what God had promised since the beginning of history. He crushed its head. He went out beyond the gates of Jerusalem to “where the wild things are”—and he conquered wildness forever. They seem to sleep better hearing that.

And so do I.

Speaking of snakes, a video trailer for the book was released last week. You can watch it here:

The Legacy of the King James Bible

Of Christian scholars that have most directly influenced my life I would have to mention Leland Ryken, the longtime professor in the English department at Wheaton College, the prolific author, and the literary stylist for the ESV Bible translation. In my book I wrote a chapter to summarize the many ways his writings helped me eventually grow in my appreciation for fiction literature. I plan to share more about him and this transition in my life in a post later this week.

Ryken’s latest book is soon to be released. Titled The Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years of the Most Influential English Translation, the book is due out from Crossway on January 31. I’m sure this will be yet another wonderful book from Ryken to help modern readers grow in their appreciation for the Bible in English translation (the KJV in this case).

Justin Taylor recently sat down with Dr. Ryken and asked him a few questions about the making of the KJV and its abiding influence. You can watch those videos here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Four Holy Gospels

Start with a 400-year-old translation of the four gospels (KJV), add some great contemporary art (Makoto Fujimura), and you end up with this: The Four Holy Gospels, a new project from Crossway Bibles (Jan. 31, 2011). For more info, check out this new video (8 min.):

Mercy Magnified By Justice

James M. Hamilton, Jr., God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology (Crossway, 2010), 512–­513:

Is there a theme that dominates Paul’s thought? Is there a big idea that organizes all the other themes and ideas that are so powerfully and flexibly deployed in pursuit of the Great Commission task of making disciples by building churches? With so many unique situations addressed by these letters from the apostle, does the theology reflected in these letters have a center? …

I am in basic agreement with [Thomas] Schreiner’s proposal that God’s glory in Christ is central to Paul’s theology. As will be clear from my analysis of Paul’s letters, it seems to me that at the very heart of God’s glory in Christ, the big muscle that pumps the blood through the living body of his thought, is the manifestation of the mercy and justice of God, with mercy magnified by justice.


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